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164 High Rd, East Finchley, London N2 9AS, UK

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3.7 / 5 from reviews

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Sach Hair & Beauty Salon

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164 High Rd, East Finchley, London N2 9AS, UK

Sara Leghari
December 19, 2019

I showed them the hair I wanted and told them I've always had bad haircuts. She cut my hair short (the picture I had longer hair), the overall look is terrible. She handled my hair horribly I kept feeling like she was pulling it violently to get the job done fast. Now I have to grow my hair out all over again...

Anne G.
February 04, 2020

Nice people working there but they should explain what they are doing

Nicla Di
August 29, 2019

I just have blow dries there and they are fine, but they have a receptionist who speaks very limited English so making an appointment is very difficult. Also some of the hairdressers have limited English but it's essential to hire someone who can actually take bookings to answer the phones

Eunice Balogh
January 08, 2020

Didn't talk to me no offer of a drink felt she was burning as so much smoke Would not go back very rude

Mimi M
September 19, 2019

Would give them O stars if i could I had the most unprofessional experience at this Salon. From the first moment that I had walked in, I did not feel welcomes at all. The feel you usually get when going into a hair salon, where you feel like you are going to get pampered and looked after. My experience at Sach was from the usual salon I go to. Firstly, as I walked into the salon and informed the lady working there (Sara) that I had an appointment, she looked at me confused. She then checked her system and couldn’t find my appointment. I took out my phone and showed her the confirmation email and without saying anything to me, she started speaking to the male hairdresser, in Turkish, which I found extremely rude. She then walked to the back without saying anything to me, I stood there wondering if I should sit down or follow her! She came out with a towel and ask me to sit at the sink for her to wash my hair. Usually when you go to a hairdresser, they usually sit you down in front of the mirror to see your hair dry and to spend 5min talking through how you would like your hair cut but this was clearly not the case as she started washing my hair, with freezing water (not warm), and I had to let her know the water is too cold. She then made it extra hot but at this point I didn’t say anything further and sat there whilst she washed my hair. Whilst washing my hair, she soaked my forehead, water was literally dripping down from the side of my face and she got a lot water in my right ear, which my ear is still blocked. Bearing in mind, I was still just in my clothes and no cape was put on me yet. We finally sat down in front of the mirror, she brushed my wet hair and finally gave me a cape to wear. Never offered me a drink, water, tea, coffee, nothing. As she finished brushing my hair, she grabbed the scissors and was about to cut my hair, when she remembered that she had not asked how I want my hair cut yet! Shouldn’t the hairdresser's first job to find out how you want your hair cut beyond everything else!? I just couldn’t believe the unprofessionalism and I couldn’t leave as I had already paid for my appointment. I asked for a straight cut with 2 inches off. She must have taken that as I want a straight cut and nothing else, no scissoring the ends so they’re not so blunt as I got quite thick hair! She literally got the scissors and cut straight. It was have taken her less then 2min to do this! She then started to blow dry and I said what about my fringe and front of my hair, she said she will do that once she blow dries it, which was fine by me. Once she finished blow drying, I mentioned to her that I want the front fringe to flow with the rest of my hair length so to cut between the short and long piece to make it flow but not too short. She started cutting and I could tell she has cut it short as I continously said to her, make sure it’s not too short, but she kept cutting upwards! She ended up cutting my fringe too short, which means I can only have a fringe on side parting and not middle as it’s too short on one side and not the other. The other hairdresser came at this point knowing I was unhappy with the haircut and they tried to blame it on me and say I wanted it this way! The professionalism at this hairdresser is unbelievable. I have never in my life been dealt with like this! I said the hairdresser should have clarified what I wanted if she did not understand. But again they started speaking in Turkish and I just wanted to get out of there so asked them to try to even it as much as possible. Once she was done, I was still not happy but nothing could be done as she already messed up! All she had to do is the simplest cut and she messed it up. Honestly, I hate my hair now, she messed up and I have not had a fringe this short in a long time as it does not suit me, as I have a round face and also the left side and right side are not the same length. I asked for a refund and they refused to compensate me so i can go to a professional hairdressers to get the mess fixed. Definitely stay away.

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