About Finchleyfy.com


Finchleyfy.com was born from seeing several local independent businesses struggling to survive beyond the first few years of their existence.

In years past, it was normal to see a local business closing down, only to be replaced by another.

However, these days, we see prime locations remaining vacant, which would normally be snatched almost immediately.

What could be the reason local independent businesses struggling to keep their head above the water? One could mention

  • The ever-growing number of global brands taking over the high street
  • Lack of marketing know-how
  • Lack of consistency in customer service and product/services
  • Consumer shopping habits
  • The internet
  • Social media
  • Delivery portals
  • Review sites
  • The gig economy
  • New generation not taking over their family business
  • etc etc….

Since our day job is to do with marketing (online marketing to be exact) we set out to help local business with their online presence. However, there was only so much we could do, what with the limited spare time.

Fast forward to the end of 2019, we decided to get together with other like-minded locals, to create a community resource website.

Whilst it is a business directory, we don’t consider it just as a directory. We are aiming to make it more than just a business directory.

Several ideas are in pipeline to be implemented, not only to connect local business with local residents but also to create a sense of a close community whose desire for a vibrant and safe neighbourhood will be channelled in the right way.

We call on all residents and business in the Finchley area to FinchleyFY.

By now, we hope you get the gist of what “to Finchlyfy means” …. if not, stay tuned and you will soon be eager to Finchleyfy in your own way.

Here is the first thing you can do.

If you are a business, ensure that we add your business to our FREE directory. If you have enticing offers, do let us know.

If you are a local resident (you don’t have to be local to shop like a local), do register to our newsletter where we will share the juiciest deals and offers from local businesses in and around the Finchley area. So don’t miss out, be in the know.


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