Book Direct

Book Direct

What: Book direct will list all participating businesses that have a facility to place orders directly with them rather than via a 3rd party portal. Also, those businesses that don’t require delivery will soon be able to add their services right here.

Why: When a restaurant receives an order via a 3rd party portal such as Just Eat, Deliveroo, and UberEats they are charged up to 42% in commission. This eats into their already small profits. By ordering direct with the restaurant, we help them keep more of their profit, and the food will cost you (their customers) less. Resulting in a win-win outcome. The customer gets to save on their food orders, and local restaurant keeps more of their profit.

How: This can only work if enough of us (the locals) and enough restaurants participate.

Solution #1: We list local restaurants that have their own ordering facility on their website.  So when visitors go to the Order Direct page on our website. They will find a list of restaurants they are able to order directly from. The restaurant arranges its own delivery. Or the customer collects the order. Get in touch and let us have your order link we can add to our website.

Solution #2: Finchlefy would coordinate a “co-op delivery”. This means, rather than each restaurant having to hire their own delivery driver. We would hire a delivery driver to service all participating restaurants.

For this to work, we will need at least a handful of restaurants to participate and share the cost. So, before the scheme can be rolled out, we would need to initially trial the scheme.

Co-op Delivery scheme: Initially we would only do this once a week for a set number of hours. For example, communal delivery to be open every Friday from 3-8 pm. Gradually, as more and more locals are aware of the scheme and the benefits it brings to our high streets, we would look to increase the number of days and hours.

Action: If you own or manage a restaurant in Finchley, get in touch and let us know your interest in this scheme. If you do not have the facility to enable direct order, do get in touch and we will help you with this. Maybe we could look into enabling direct order for collection rather for delivery, to start with.


What is Working NOW?: Hairdressers, GYMs, SPAs, Yoga instructors, Consultants, plumbers, electricians and other local businesses who do not require a delivery can now list their services here. Please get in touch 

Locals will then be able to book your services directly from We take no payment, no commission what so ever. This is just our way of helping local businesses keep more of their hard-earned money. Helping local independent businesses to avoid hefty 3rd party commission.

Please bear in mind that this is something we are building on a volunteer basis. We are simply thinking out loud while we build this community asset. If you would like to help out, please get in touch.


Together, we can help build a thriving high street!




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