About Foodkadabra

    Foodkadabra is a unique software that enables local independent restaurants to build their very own interactive menu and easily add to their existing website. If the restaurant/takeaway does not have a website, it takes under 30 minutes to build their very own search engine optimised website with their own website name.

    The best part is, when you receive orders, you keep every single penny. Unlike any of the 3rd party portals who take anything between 10-42% in commission fee, Foodkadabra will never take any commission for an unlimited number of orders.

    You can get started within a few minutes, without the need for expensive add-ons, all you need is your own smartphone to receive the orders on.
    You can get started for FREE and even take orders from within your Facebook page.
    If you need assistance, we can help you get going for a nominal fee*. Time to start taking control of YOUR profits.

    To top it all off, the customer's contact details are owned by YOU, not by Foodkadabra.


    Due to the devastating impact, the coronavirus Covid-19 has had on the local high street, we will wave any setup fee we normally charge.

    In fact, it is so easy to get it all set up you may not need our assistance. But, if you are located in the Finchley North London area, we are willing to come to you and get you all set up, or via live web connection if you live anywhere in the world.

    Foodkadabra, is free to use (Though we do have some paid features) forever. It is designed to help local independent businesses being ripped off by the giant third party portals such as Deliveroo, Ubereats and Just Eat.

    Whilst every business must make profits in order to operate, we don’t believe that taking a huge cut of what is already a slim profit margin is fair.

    What are you waiting for? head over to our site and create your FREE account at foodkadabra.

    Feel free to get in touch if you get stuck.

    Remember, whether you have an existing website or not, our software can help you reach more local customers without having to pay any commission.

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